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Club Airport


Airport is a club/disco with a long history.
Back in the 90s it was one of the best and most famous techno-clubs in Germany and all big names of the scene have been playing there.
Now the club has a new owner and they're going to renovate and modernize the club. Therefore they also want a new corporate identity that reflects this modernization and addresses today's generation of clubbers.

I designed a modern but very clean logo with a highly flexible figurative mark, that fits the needs of a fly club.
The figurative mark shows a reduced graphic mixture of a (rotated) heart and a rocket. The rocket is a retrospective of the old logodesign and a honoration of the great history of the club.

Furthermore the figurative mark can be used rotated – so besides the rocket you get arrows to different directions and a heart. So you can use it for example for showing directions (e.g. wardrobe, restrooms, entrance …), for highlighting or your visual communication in general (posters, flyers, newsletters …).
It is highly recognizable – even rotated – so people will always get the link to the club, even if the "regular logo", the combination of figurative and word mark, doesn't even appear.

This concept was created within a corporate design pitch.


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