In 2018 the Landesgartenschau (“State Garden Show”) of Bavaria, Germany will be held in Würzburg.
For the conception of a corporate design there was tendered a pitch.
The Landesgartenschau will take place on an area, where a new town district will arise in the following years with view on the “Festung Marienberg”, the town’s landmark.
During the Landesgartenschau, visitors will be told the history of the area as well as been shown visions and possibilities of the future as a time travel.
Furthermore it is intended, to visualize the future use of the area and all in all be more than just a “show with flowers”. They also plan theaters, concerts and other events in the framework of the Landesgartenschau.

I wanted the corporate design to clearly differ from the often very stereotype appearance of other state garden shows.
So the logo design goes back on formal aspects of the area as an geographic, historic and new location as well as the theme time travel.
Besides the logo the corporate design works with an diversified color scheme, contemporary typography and a very flexible and versatile picture language.
So we get a modern, catchy and highly flexible corporate design which can be used for every single application and every event that will take place within the framework of the Landesgartenschau without ever appearing rigid, boring or repetitive.

  • Studio Pala – Layouts Plakate Landesgartenschau
  • Studio Pala – Layouts Plakate Landesgartenschau
  • Studio Pala – Layouts Plakate Landesgartenschau
  • Studio Pala – Layouts Plakate Landesgartenschau
  • Mockup Landesgartenschau Studio Pala
  • Studio Pala – Layouts Visitenkarten Landesgartenschau, Würzburg
  • Studio Pala – Layout Folder Landesgartenschau
  • Studio Pala – Corporate Design Landesgartenschau
  • Studio Pala – Layouts Merchandise Landesgartenschau
  • Studio Pala – Corporate Design Landesgartenschau, Würzburg
  • Studio Pala – Layouts Taschen/Beutel Landesgartenschau

Das Motiv "Gelände" mit freundlicher Genehmigung von ©Ben Kuhlmann und Dennis Halbeck
Quelle historische Bilder: Flade, Roland: Würzburgs neuer Stadtteil Hubland – Seine Geschichte vom 18. bis zum 21. Jahrhundert