“Franken Physio” is a new, young and dynamic practice for physiotherapy in Würzburg, Germany.

A well-grounded treatment is the cornerstone for patients back to a maximum of agility and into an active, healthy life. So mobility, dynamic and movement are the main topics we wished to express.
Besides, we wanted a local connection to the area the physiotherapist works, the city Würzburg, which is part of the region “Franken”.

So the task was to create a logo and corporate design with a fresh look, that has a local connection and expresses agility and motion.

The zig-zag line in the logo has its origin in the flag of the region “Franken”, whereas the wavy line originates from the river Main that floats through the city and plays a big role in the citizens' life.
This is also where the colours come from: the red belongs to the flag and the blue to the river.

Besides these local references the zig-zag and the wavy line perfectly express the topics of mobility, dynamic and movement and are used as a pattern to emphasize these topics and create a friendly, contemporary look that is bold, strong and still reliable.