New album, new look.

German indiepop band “50m freistil” released their new EP and needed new logo and artwork.

Logo and artwork reflect the theme of the album, whose title is “Freiheit, Firlefanz und Fantasy” (freedom, falderal and fantasy). Containing songs that are about travelling, dreaming, desire and joy. About new possibilities, a little bit of craziness and curiosity about the unknown.

The logo therefore consists of flexible frames and so is very grounded but still playful and open-minded. It offers the possibility to be used in different combinations, depending on the application.

For the artwork several pictures were generated which are all based on the same theme but vary in appearance and colour. They are the base for the artwork concept, which can be adapted for all media and complements the album title and songs in form and content.


  • 50m freistil Design by Studio Pala, Würzburg
  • 50m freistil Design by Studio Pala, Würzburg